Booklet Printing

If you’ve got a lot of content, pack it into a booklet.

Booklet Printing

Take advantage of our unbeatable range of Booklets.

Betterprint offers the following booklet solutions:

  • Choose your number of pages, from 8+
  • A wide range of standard sizes, or print a custom size
  • Free online proof before the print run
  • Bundling options

When you want to customise a booklet, Betterrint can cater for an extended range of variations, including folded pages, perforations for tearaways or pop up pages.


Print a booklet for:

  • Catalogues and multi-page brochures
  • Event booklets and guides
  • Year books, school and corporate diaries
  • Instruction manuals, technical information and guides
  • Research results or policy documents
  • Annual reports

Booklet binding options:

  • Saddle stitching: your booklet is folded and the pages stapled together at the spine.
  • Perfect binding: for most hard and soft cover commercial produced books, with a flat edged spine.
  • Wire binding: holes are punched along the side of your booklet, and wire is threaded through. Large documents are suitable for wire binding, examples are printing manuals, policy documentation and instruction guides.
  • Custom binding: Talk to us about what you have in mind.

Booklet covers:

The stocks displayed below list the stocks for self cover booklets or booklet pages. You can also choose to print a booklet with a thicker stock for the cover, simply select “Booklet plus cover” when you order online. You can select from any of our artboards to add a cover that is right for your booklet.

Standard Card Pricing – Base Grade


1000’s of variations, request a quote specific to your need now…


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